Monday, June 1, 2015

The Parable of the Good Samaritan- for June 21

Hi Godly Play Teachers! Welcome to our lesson for June 21, the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

What a wonderful story about what it means to be a neighbor, and our responsibilities as followers of The Way to help those around us. You might want to include time in your morning to go visit the Good Samaritan statue near the remembrance garden.

Here are some wondering questions. I'd love to share the children's responses in our weekly newsletter. Thank you for writing down their responses.

Wondering Questions:
1. I wonder who is the neighbor to the person who was hurt, had everything taken from him, and was left by the side of the road half dead?
2. I wonder what would happen if the person finding the injured traveler were a child?
3. I wonder what it means to be a neighbor.
4. I wonder if you've ever had anyone be a neighbor to you like this Samaritan was to the hurt man.
5. I wonder if you've ever been the one who was the Good Samaritan?

 Idea Sparkers for our Gift to God Time
Here are some ideas for the parable itself:
1. Children make get well cards as a way to help others, like the Good Samaritan in the story
2. Children act out the story. (My camera will be in its usual place and takes pretty good video. Please use it!)
3. Children could make a collage or drawing on who is our neighbor.
4. Children could make a collage or drawing on How I Can Be a Good Samaritan.
5. You could also go with the What Would Jesus Do theme. Make a bracelet with WWJD, or a mural of the story, or act out scenes of different conflicts and ask the question, "What would Jesus do?"
6. If you've visited the Good Samaritan statue, why not ask the children if they'd like to try to make their own with play dough or quick dry clay?



  1. I have been teaching Godly Play for about 6 years and just discovered your Blog. Great stuff! I love GP and hearing kids responses to the wondering questions.

  2. Thanks, Kyle! The kids' responses are the best part of Godly Play! Nice to meet you!