Our Story Schedule

Here is the tentative story schedule for Godly Play at First Baptist Greenville. We're sharing this for teachers, not so that families can prepare for upcoming lessons. We prefer that the children enter the classroom curious about what we might learn that day, not expecting a certain lesson.  We want to give the Holy Spirit room to nudge the children and teachers as they explore the story, and it is harder for that to happen if the children come in already bringing with them a preconceived idea of what the story is about and what it might mean.

Godly Play Story Schedule, 2013- 2014

Aug     25        The Story of Jacob
Sept    1          The Story of Joseph
            8          The Story of Moses: The Beginning
            15        The Exodus
            22        The Ten Best Ways
            29        The Ark and the Tent
Oct     6          The Story of Ruth
            13        The Story of Samuel
            20        The Story of David
            27        The Psalms
Nov    3          The Ark and the Temple
            10        The Exile and the Return
            17        The Prophet Elijah
            24        The Prophet Jeremiah
Dec    1          Advent 1
            8          Advent 2
            15        Advent 3
            22        Advent 4
            29       Church Breakfast
Jan     5          Circle of the Church Year
            12        Baby Jesus is Dedicated to God
            19       Jesus Chooses the Disciples
            26       Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
Feb     2         Jesus Visits Martha and Mary
            9         Jesus Gives the Sermon on the Mountain
            16       Jesus Tells the Parable of the Loving Father
            23       Jesus Welcomes the Children
Mar    2          The Mystery of Easter                        
            9          Faces of Easter 1
            16        Faces of Easter 2
            23        Faces of Easter 3
            30        Faces of Easter 4
Apr     6          Faces of Easter 5
            13        The Synagogue and the Upper Room
            20        Easter
            27        Knowing Jesus in a New Way 1
May   4          Knowing Jesus in a New Way 2
11        Knowing Jesus in a New Way 3
18        Knowing Jesus in a New Way 4
25        Knowing Jesus in a New Way 5
June   1          Knowing Jesus in a New Way 6
8          Knowing Jesus in a New Way 7-Pentecost
15        Trinity Sunday
22        The Story of Paul’s Discovery
29        Parable of the Good Shepherd
July     6          Parable of the Good Samaritan
13        Parable of the Great Pearl
20        Parable of the Sower
27        Parable of the Leaven
Aug    3          Parable of the Mustard Seed
10        The Creation
17        The Ark and the Flood
24        The Story of Sarah